The Dutch exchange engine manufacturer VEGE based in Spijkenisse, Nr Rotterdam are recognized as Europe’s oldest established and best-known brand in the automotive aftermarket.


VEGE was founded by Mr. Wim Versteeg in 1936, originally a small garage business; the founder saw an opportunity to expand after the Second World War. Many American military vehicles, Dodge, Chevrolet & GMC had been left in Holland and were in daily use by the civilian population. Wim’s idea was to be able to respond quickly to the demand for these engines, so he bought up a stock of defective units, reconditioned them at his own cost and put them into stock. When a customer needed a replacement engine, he had one ready immediately. The advantages were huge; it reduced costly vehicle repair times by several days or in the case of poor parts availability, even weeks. Many ex-army trucks with petrol engines were converted with new Ford diesel units. For decades VEGE was an official Ford sub-dealer, supplying engines for trucks, ships, and power generators.

Simultaneously the VEGE exchange system was born; the defective old engines originating from the vehicles in which Wim had installed a reconditioned engine were accepted from the customer in ‘part-exchange’ and could be re-used. These old units were the raw material the factory required for future production. We believe that this simple concept helps establish our eco-credentials and makes us one of the oldest recyclers in the automotive industry if not the world.

Nowadays, utilizing the same hi-tech production methods of the original car manufacturers (OEM), VEGE have transformed the early remanufacturing business into a specialist multi-million-pound business that serves both the vehicle manufacturers after-sales needs and the free market.

VEGE still operates on the same principles, but our exchange product range has expanded and now includes petrol & diesel engines, cylinderheads, turbochargers, manual gearboxes, injection pumps & injectors and our latest product launch… a range of diesel particulate filters.

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