VEGE first introduced a gearbox programme in 1995, the test market was the UK, since then the range has been developed to cover almost every major European marque. VEGE’s extensive exchange remanufactured gearbox range covers almost all 4, 5 & 6 speed manual transmissions in the car & light commercial sector.

From Audi to Volvo and most marques in between, front, rear and most recently, four wheel drive gearbox applications are all catered for.

.... As with VEGE remanufactured engines & cylinder heads, the process begins with the disassembly of the donor (core) unit which is stripped back to component parts for cleaning, grading & inspection before our trained engineers begin the skilled process of reassembly. Any part failing our rigorous inspection is automatically discarded and replaced. The remanufactured gearbox is fitted with 100% new bearings. All seals & gaskets are completely replaced with new, standard practise in a remanufactured VEGE gearbox.

Continuous engineering & ongoing improvements ensure known weaknesses within the original transmission can be overcome with our own modifications and upgraded parts.

The resulting large stocks mean that most gearboxes can be delivered by courier the very next working day.

Customers Own Unit Rebuilds

Even the less popular gearbox types can be assembled to order, or catered for by our Customers Own Unit service.

Where old core units are not available we can collect and remanufacture the customers own unit to minimise down time for the end user!

Top Tip: VEGE recommend that when you change the gearbox you always fit a new clutch at the same time, in the long term this will save money for the car owner.