Exchange system

VEGE sell new and remanufactured products, many new products are sold outright, with no exchange. Remanufactured VEGE products are usually sold on an exchange basis. When we sell an exchange engine or cylinder head, gearbox or turbo the old unit must be returned. This means VEGE has developed a fast, efficient exchange system.

The exchange system is essential to a remanufacturer - core is the raw material of our trade. The core is of great value, not just in monetary terms, but it keeps our production moving.  If we have to go in search of new core to inject into our system, it slows down production which in turn results in lost sales and profits.

To ensure your new VEGE Engine reaches you in pristine condition and free of transit damage our engines come in specially built ‘frames’* that are designed to protect the goods from accidental damage and make it easy for you to send us your old engine back for credit of the deposit.

Returns policy

Most of the time, the condition of your old device does not matter to us, as long as it is complete and assembled. If there is any damage to your old engine, please inform us, and we will notify you if the damage incurs any costs, which usually does not.

Here's what to do

Check our products when they arrive after damage before signing

It can be difficult to report shipping damage afterward at freight companies!

Always check that the correct product has been obtained before commencement of assembly work

Costs for assembly/disassembly of defective product are not replaced.

Oil should be emptied from the old product before returning it

Otherwise, shipping companies may charge you for environmental crime.

Make sure your old part is properly assembled

It should be sent in the same state our engine was delivered

Use the same packaging in return as we used for the new product

Help us recycle materials as far as we can

Book a return ticket with the DHL

VEGE provides returns notes and instructions


VEGE have become experts in the logistics of returning cores. As a result, we are able to keep a minimum stock and maintain a very flexible production to ensure we can react quickly to our customers' demands. VEGE has close ties with a number of transportation companies throughout the globe. In general, we can deliver all over the UK within 24 to 48 hours from one central point. Deliveries into Europe 2-4 days.

Unlike many remanufacturers who leave you to organize logistics, VEGE is happy to handle the returning core on your behalf.