Factory-remanufactured exchange engines

We offer a massive range of aftermarket exchange Petrol & Diesel engines for all makes & models, wherever possible we supply from stock to the customer on an overnight carrier to avoid valuable down time of the vehicle. A VEGE remanufactured engine begin life as an old unit, or ‘core’ as it is referred to in our industry. We buy thousands of carefully selected used engines from trusted suppliers around Europe each year, which are then inspected before being stored ready for remanufacture in batches.

Our engine remanufacturing process begins with the disassembly of the donor unit (old core), it is stripped back to component parts for inspection and cleaning before our engineers begin the skilled process of remanufacturing.

Every VEGE engine comprises of a mix of quality new and selected remanufactured components, we are proud of our green credentials and wherever possible we will re-engineer major items like the block and cylinder head. Many new parts are added, like pistons, rings, bearings, etc, our ‘BOM’ (Bill of Materials), is very extensive. It should be noted that there are rare occasions when a replacement piston is not available in the aftermarket or cannot be sourced in time for your customer, we reserve the right to reuse pistons*. In doing so we save valuable energy and most importantly costs; these savings are then passed on to the end-user. Throughout the re-assembly, the engines have to pass rigorous quality tests at every stage of the rebuilding process. After the final cosmetic finishes are completed, our engines are carefully packed into ‘frames’ or crates ready for dispatch around the world.

*VEGE strive to remanufacture all engines to the same high standard. An engine can only be truly called ‘Remanufactured’ if complies with BS AU 257 2002

Engine types

Petrol Engines - VEGE remanufactured petrol engines are usually sold complete from sump to rocker cover* and in all cases arrive without ancillary items, these are simply transferred from the original engine to the new replacement VEGE engine before fitting into the vehicle.

Diesel Engines - When possible VEGE remanufactured diesel engines are offered in two dress levels; Complete or Bare


An engine supplied with diesel pump and injectors. This is a more expensive option but can often save the customer money as a used engine often needs these items changing at the same time as an engine.


An engine without diesel pump and injectors but complete in every other way. As with petrol engines the customer will need to transfer parts from the original vehicle before fitting.

Short blocks

Short Blocks are not so readily available but we have stocks, a short block can save money. A unit typically comprises of a block, crank & pistons only, no cylinder head, oil sump or timing equipment.

The dress levels outlined above can vary from time to time so we advise that you check at the point of order the exact specification of the unit you are offered. We reserve the right to change specification at any time and without prior notice.

*Occasionally VEGE engines carry ‘transit’ tinware that will need to be swapped over before fitting. This is due to the fact that vehicle manufacturers use one engine family to cover numerous applications, often the only difference is the tinware. Please check that the tinware is correct before fitting in the vehicle. Failure to check for compatibility prior to fitting will not be covered under the Terms of our Warranty.


Commercial Diesel Engines

We supply new & remanufactured Sofim & Iveco commercial engines for an enormous range of applications.

Our Iveco engine range is built to order; each engine is generally available in a variety of dress levels. You can expect delivery of factory fresh aftermarket products within a few days of placing your order. Each engine is individually engineered to exacting tolerances and specifications. The range covers a vast array of applications, including;

  • Trucks, lorries & light commercial
  • Boats
  • Tractors & Agricultural applications
  • Plant & Industrial machinery